Identifying the service

that will most benefit you

At CenterPoint Financial Group, our professionals offer a variety of options for clients to engage our services, which vary depending upon the complexity of their financial needs. These are identified through a comprehensive interview process that allows us to ensure a relationship is mutually beneficial. Generally, we will settle upon one of the following three outcomes:

  1. Changes are needed to your financial plan, however, we feel we’re not the right firm and can refer you to another one.
  2. The current planning you’ve completed is solid and we don’t see any changes needed at this time – stay with your current advisor or firm.
  3. We will invite you to become part of the CenterPoint Family as we see there are opportunities for our team to improve upon your current financial planning strategy.

We want to ensure that each family or individual seeking guidance benefits from interacting with our team. Whether our initial meeting turns out to be a starting point for a new relationship with you, or a stepping stone to something more beneficial for your particular goals, we promise to always put your needs first.