A team founded on

client-first service

Nate LeGrand began his financial services career in June of 1995. In January of 2000, he founded CenterPoint Financial Group with the goal of providing an independent financial planning experience for families and individuals. The professionals at CenterPoint Financial Group have evolved and now serve a select clientele.

In December of 2016, with the goal of growing and expanding our services, Doug Riggert joined our team. Doug brings more than 20 years of industry experience to the firm. With a friendship that dates to their freshman year at Doane University, Nate and Doug’s strong bond, shared professional philosophies, and individual strengths allow them to offer clients a holistic, team-oriented and collaborative approach to serving clients’ financial planning needs.

At CenterPoint Financial Group, our team provides personalized financial planning that’s in step with your life. Rather than asking you to settle for a prepackaged program, our professionals will create a carefully tailored strategy that can help you balance your life today while actively working toward your goals for tomorrow.