How are we


We live in an age where titles such as financial advisor, financial planner, wealth manager, registered representative and registered investment advisor are thrown around very loosely. Add to this the alphabet soup of various designations that a “financial advisor” may have and it oftentimes leads to confusion. Generally speaking, the public has a hard time determining the difference between advisors.

Peel back the onion and many financial advisers are really just investment managers. Others center their business on insurance products. Some are more interested in marketing to new people and not providing ongoing service to those who have been long-term clients.

At CenterPoint Financial Group, our professionals are goals-based wealth managers. But just what is a goals-based wealth manager?

To answer that question, we first must define what wealth management is. Wealth management is a combination of investment planning, advanced planning and relationship management – with each holding equal importance.

Next, what is goals-based? Our role is to understand what makes you tick. What are you concerned about? What do you prioritize? What risks are you comfortable with or not comfortable with? What do you want to accomplish? Are your goals realistic and attainable? When “life” happens, what are our contingency plans? What are some of the things you don’t realize you don’t know? Are there potential pitfalls that haven’t been addressed?

How do we accomplish this? Through our 5-step CenterPoint Experience Process we are able to educate, advise, coordinate, implement and provide ongoing service to help you attempt to meet all of your goals. Our process is visual, it works and it’s what drives us each and every day.