Ready When Life Happens

The beauty of life lies in the unexpected. The win you didn’t see coming. The opportunity nobody predicted. The surprise for your family. The challenge of financial planning is to be prepared, even for those moments you can’t predict. We believe in building a plan so you are ready when the twists and turns of life happen. Because life happens.

At CenterPoint Financial Group, we are passionate about giving you a superior client experience. That starts with us really understanding what makes you unique. Then we can do an in-depth analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles. You’ll be guided through our five-step CenterPoint Experience while we work to grow relationships with your trusted professionals so we all have a full picture of your life.

Most financial advisors specialize in insurance or investments. We believe Wealth Management is a much broader endeavor. While insurance and investments are important in any financial plan, we give you independent advice. Not the kind that pushes a particular investment or insurance product line. The kind that educates you to help you make the best choices for your unique goals.

A CenterPoint is that precise spot where you strike the perfect balance. Imagine your financial plan stretched out on a plank with “living today” on one end and “planning for the future” on the other. That’s what we do. We help you find your CenterPoint.